Helping Kids Fight Bouts of Low Self-Esteem

by Evelyn Porreca Vuko

The self-esteem Willie gained all summer might be on the line as first grade moves close. A brand new teacher, tougher academic demands and new classmates can all assault his self-image. But Willie is not the first one to face this. Teacher Says: "Punch up self-esteem! Get in Willie‘s comer and help him with the following pointers:"

From The Inside Out

From The Outside In

Self-esteem is a fragile, delicate thing especially for first graders like Willie. When coached with patient, loving intervention by patents and teachers, kids‘ self-esteem can bound out of the comer so powerfully it can propel them straight into successful adulthood.

Evelyn Vuko is a veteran school teacher and administrator. She writes a monthly column in the Washington Post called "Teacher Says."

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 3, Number 1 - Summer, 1997]

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