Collaboration ... with Parents and Professionals

By Donna Wendelburg & Kathy Nurek

Children will more easily reach their full potential if the adults around them are working as a team. Use the following suggestions to increase your team‘s effectiveness and build good relations.

For Professionals with Parents...

For Parents with Professionals...

A child‘s disability brings parents into contact - and sometimes into conflict - with doctors, teachers, and therapists. Here are suggestions for developing partnerships with professionals to foster the best care for your child.

With Professionals.... is reprinted with permission from Lois Hannon, Editor of "The Post" a publication of the Parent Network for the Post-Institutionalized Child, PO Box 613, Meadow Lands. PA 153470 or make contact by email

[Excerpted from Vision Development 0-3. Reprinted with permission and initially published in New Developments: Volume 2, Number 4 - Spring, 1997]

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