DDR Membership Survey Results

By Patricia S. Lemer, MEd., NCC

A two page questionnaire was mailed to all DDR members this fall (1996). About 20% of the DDR family members, representing 19 states completed and returned it. Here are the results:

DIAGNOSES of affected family members:

TREATMENTS rated most/least helpful

These results confirm what we already know. Movement is necessary for cognitive and language development and dietary modification works!

NEWSLETTER: Length, frequency, and format all overwhelmingly supported. A few wanted more technical information, and about the same number wanted more practical information.

MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY: We found overwhelming interest in having a nationwide directory of resources for networking. Care will be taken to protect parents‘ confidentiality and assure the quality of care provided by professionals. Some individuals expressed interest in having information cross-referenced by geographical area, age, diagnosis, and therapy offered or tried. DDR will undertake this project in the spring.

About 10% of the DDR professional members completed the same questionnaire. About 1/3 were optometrists. Other disciplines represented were occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, nutrition, homeopathy, audiology, immunology, biochemistry, psychology, chiropractic, osteopathic, and education. Most related that they felt validated by DDR and had started using a wider range of treatments, particularly homeopathy, in their practices. Our professional members have become conduits for getting the word to parents and patients seeking "healthy options." They distribute the newsletter in their offices and write about DDR in their own newsletters. Many superb ideas for networking, fund-raising, topics for workshops and future ventures were also suggested.

The Board joins me in extending its sincere thanks to all those who took the time to give us this very valuable feedback.

*Most cited dairy first and wheat second

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 2, Number 3 - Winter, 1996-1997]

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