Becoming a Grandmother

by Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed., NCC

Yesterday I become a grandmother when Penelope Joy Day arrived in this world. What a miracle! Her perfectly formed body and its pre-programmed functions amaze me. Within minutes she opened her eyes, sucked like a pro, and showed us her startle reflex. So little, yet so complicated.

My wonderful daughter did everything right. Her planned pregnancy was technologically monitored and managed. Prior to conception, she switched to non- toxic pest control, checked her thyroid function and completed a detoxification program. During the long nine months, she ate mostly organic, gluten- and dairy- free, practiced yoga and Pilates, and avoided nail salons. Her husband gave her foot massages went grocery shopping. They knew they were having a daughter; learned about vaccines, and purchased toxin-free baby bedding. She had acupuncture. During labor, the midwife and doula were awesome.

This precautionary behavior is necessary because of all I have learned from my work in the past 35 years about the role The world has changed! I did none of these things. Yet I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, intelligent, emotionally strong daughter. How was that possible?

What follows is an overview comparing standard practices a generation ago to those now, with common sense guidelines for healthcare professionals, educators, and parents to balance out unforeseen obstructions to development. With conservative estimates at one in six children having delays requiring intervention, we are forced to consider prevention.

Medical Practices

The Environment and Society



We’re all ecstatic to see the autism epidemic starting to decline. By incorporating some of the above antidotes to a changing world, everyone can work collaboratively in the best interest of today’s children. The result will be happier, more functional families, more independent, recovered children, more productive schools, fewer burned-out teachers, more contented doctors and savings of millions of dollars in health and education. And best of all, my grand-daughter and yours will have a much safer and friendlier planet on which to grow up and prosper.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 11, Number 4 - Summer, 2006]

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