The Body Ecology Diet

by Patricia S. Lemer, MEd, NCC

Another diet for those with attention deficits, autism and related disorders! Enter the Body Ecology Diet (BED). Its developer, nutritional consultant Donna Gates, believes that the key to understanding these problems lies deep within the intestinal walls. Recognizing the value of the amazing "subculture" of microflora in our intestinal tracts could prevent and heal these and other disorders.

Healing the Gut, Healing the Brain

Of the many side effects of mercury toxicity, leaky gut (see New Developments, 5:3) is probably the most serious. Unable to absorb nutrients properly and to defend approximately 85% of the immune system it is home to, a wounded gut allows incompletely digested nutrients to pass into the bloodstream. The result: an infected brain.

Aren’t a gluten-free casein-free (GF/CF) or Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) enough? "No," says Gates. The BED takes GF/CF and SCD, and the best of macrobiotics, Fuhrman, and other diets, to the next level. The BED heals the gut by reestablishing a healthy inner ecosystem, eliminating dysbiosis, correcting nutritional deficiencies, strengthening the adrenals, and conquering systemic infections. A healthy gut produces nutrients for the brain; a healthy liver removes toxins from the body. The result: a healthy brain.

BED Scientific Principles

BED Foods

The BED includes only nutritionally dense foods, as near to their natural state as possible, seasoned with Celtic sea salt and herbs. Use only high-quality, organic, unrefined seed oils, raw organic butter (available only from local farms and 99% casein-free), and ghee or coconut oil for cooking. The following vegetables are not permitted: beets (too much sugar), mushrooms (too expansive), avocado (too much oil), and tomatoes (too acid).

Gates recommends daily servings of BED’s signature foods, specifically aimed at halting sugar cravings and reestablishing good intestinal flora: cultured vegetables and coconut kefir. Purchase starters for both at

The BED does it all: alkalinizes and heals the gut, re-establishes the inner ecosystem, and feeds the body real, nutrient dense foods that allow it to withstand the detoxification process. Want to know more? Read The Body Ecology DietThe Body Ecology Diet by Gates. The ninth edition comes out this summer. Practitioners interested in becoming Certified Body Ecologists can take a three-day course. Check out for the next training session, and how to crack those pesky coconuts!

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 11, Number 3 - Spring, 2006]

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