Chelation on a Shoestring Part 2:
Chelating Agents and Monitoring Progress

by Kelly Dorfman, M.S., Nutritionist and DDR Co-founder

In a previous article, I detailed how to get started on the chelation process by developing a strong nutritional foundation, balancing the bowels and running a baseline hair analysis. Before moving to the next step, add a basic multi- vitamin such as Kirkman’s New and Improved Super NuThera with P5P (800-245-8282) or New Beginnings‘ Basic Nutrients Plus (877-575-2467) to the nutritional mix. Some mineral overlap with the recommended comprehensive mineral supplementation is inevitable, because most children’s nutrients contain small amounts of many minerals, though not enough to support chelation. Even if you decide not to try chelating agents, a good nutrient program alone naturally encourages detoxification and gentle heavy metal displacement.

Why Use Over-the-Counter Chelation?

Over-the-counter chelation is very effective, easy on the budget, and has few side effects. It’s also slow, and progress may not be noticeable on a day-to-day basis. Youngsters often become better regulated and more responsive to therapy; language may improve more rapidly. An occasional child shows dramatic developmental gains.

The Chelating Agents

Many over-the-counter chelating agents are now available online. While several may be useful, I will concentrate on two with good records of safety and efficacy.

Monitoring Progress

Any studies on chlorella? The physician who developed METAL- FREE® has conducted some research showing evidence of heavy metal excretion with his product. In my practice, I have followed dozens of children using follow-up hair analysis tests. Whether the results are clear or uncertain, run a follow-up hair sample after four to six months on the program. Compare the results with the initial sample. If heavy metal excretion was low in the first sample, hair should show higher levels after several months of chelation. Increased numbers document that the child is releasing metals with the extra nutritional support: a sign of progress. If heavy metal excretion was high in the first sample, samples should show even higher levels. Those on a strong nutritional support program before starting chelation may see heavy metal levels decrease rapidly. Generally, excretion of heavy metals goes up initially, eventually falling to normal levels when chelation ends. The complete cycle can take one to two years.

Hair Analysis Quirks

Hair analysis has its limits unless we understand the origin of some metals. High levels come from unexpected places. Low levels do not necessarily mean "all clear."

Sample Over-the-Counter Daily Chelation Program for children over three:

Chelation need not be intimidating. Start with a safe, good quality nutrient regimen, whether or not a child has had heavy metal exposure. A home based program is not a substitute for appropriate, individual medical care. Contact a health care practitioner with chelation experience if questions or problems arise.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 11, Number 1 - Fall, 2005]

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