Post Traumatic Ear Infection Syndrome

by Kelly Dorfman, M.S., L.N., L.D.

Almost 10 years ago a group of parents and professionals discussed concerns about the emergence of a regressive autistic-like syndrome, later named Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). All knew children whose development regressed following frequent otitis media (inner ear infections.) Could ear infections be causing PDD? Developmental Delay Resources (DDR) was founded, in part, to answer this question and to determine efficacious treatments.

The autism epidemic now claims an estimated one in 160 children. Experts currently suspect vaccinations and the mercury-based preservative thimerosal as major culprits; but one factor is not responsible for PDD or autism. Ear infections remain shadowy contributors.

Perhaps a subgroup of children on the autistic spectrum, including those with attention deficits and learning disabilities, have a condition I have named Post-Traumatic Ear Infection Syndrome (PTEIS). These kids apparently normal at birth, develop continuous ear infections and subsequent auditory processing issues and developmental delays as a result of complications from sustained damage to the inner ear from both the disease and its treatment.

Why are ear infections such a problem?

What to do about ear infections

PTEIS is very common and mostly preventable. If you have a child who has had three or more ear infections, do not wait. In the past ten years, we have learned the importance of taking preventive action. For more information read Schmidt’s Healing Childhood Ear Infections: Prevention, Home Care, and Alternative TreatmentHealing Childhood Ear Infections and McCandless’ Children with Starving Brains: A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum DisorderChildren with Starving Brains.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 9, Number 3 - Spring, 2004]

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