A Paradigm Shift in Science and Medicine

Adapted from Dr. Philip Incao‘s presentation at the National Vaccine Information Center‘s
Third International Public Conference on Vaccination, Nov. 9, 2002

What is a Paradigm?

A paradigm is the model that we keep in our minds and in our hearts in order to understand and explain the world. It is the sum total of our basic assumptions about reality: the lens we look through that colors what we see. Our paradigm determines how we feel and think, and how much love and fear we have about the world. Human consciousness is in constant evolution. The human mind and heart never stand still. Paradigms like living things are born, grow, mature, become old, decay, and eventually become rotten and die.

From Then Until Now:

A god-centered paradigm, based on love, guided most ancient civilizations. People deferred to religious leaders who were believed to receive knowledge directly from the gods. At the beginning of the 16th century, Martin Luther broke the power of the church, which had held sway for almost 2000 years. Not until 300 years after Galileo did medical science clear out the vestiges of spiritual medicine.

With this paradigm shift, the nature of reality as seen by the human mind began to change from being spirit-based to being matter-based. Gradually, the human mind lost its capacity to understand spirit in the universe. For the mind and for science, the physical matter of the universe assumed greater importance than the spirit.

Today’s ruling paradigm, based on fear, demands that we must control, master and change nature in order to survive. However, a new paradigm is emerging. Presently in the labor pains of birth, it assumes that we must control, master and change ourselves, in order to survive.

The ruling paradigm of the times determines the basis of government, children’s education and scientific pursuits. Those individuals who cannot embody this paradigm are seen as out of step with society, misfits, even criminal. Most often they are considered a little bit odd or strange. I think some of you may know the feeling. Isn’t it amazing how history repeats itself?

Freedom of Thought

One of the most positive outcomes of the shift from spirit to matter was its insistence on free thought. But, just as the ancient god-centered paradigm became institutionalized and entrenched, so has the scientific paradigm.

Researchers’ freedom is again being threatened and curtailed. Now it’s not the church that threatens scientists’ independence, but institutionalized science. Nowhere today is the dishonesty and tyranny of medical science so apparent as in the control of immunizations. The current uprising against forced vaccination is evidence that the current medical paradigm is dying. It has not adapted to the changing consciousness of the 21st century. Such a paradigm that limits freedom of thought in order to preserve its power is unhealthy and must be changed.

We’re at a Crossroads

Today we have a choice between actively working for a new paradigm or standing by while medicine continues it current path. Without a change in thinking, medical science will continue it quest to control nature. Scientists will develop more vaccines, genetic engineering, gene therapy, and cloning.

For change to occur from the top down, researchers must care more about their freedom to pursue the truth than about the security of their positions. Change can also happen from the bottom up. Ordinary citizens with courage and vision can be activists for a new paradigm.

What will the new paradigm look like?

The paradigm of the 21st century will be grounded in an ecological consciousness where we will no longer assume that we must control and dominate nature, but instead must live in harmony with her in order to survive. Again spirit-based, rather than matter-based, it will foster the realization that humans are interconnected with all creation. We will no longer assume that we must control and dominate nature, but instead understand that we must live in harmony with her in order to survive. In the new paradigm:

Freedom of thought will reign

If we are to keep from destroying our world and ourselves, today’s paradigm must be one that helps us rediscover the human spirit.

Dr. Incao is a physician in private practice in Denver, CO. For a tape of the complete talk and other presentations, go to www.audiotapes.com or call 219-465-1234.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 8, Number 2 - Winter, 2002-2003]

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