Success Stories - In Appreciation of Martin Birnbaum, OD

Edited by Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed., NCC

Sean was non-reader before vision therapy; now he is one of the better readers in his class. His self esteem has dramatically improved and he loves school. His report cards are great, and he can do his schoolwork and homework quicker. Life is much better!

Before vision therapy, Allison reversed letters, lost her place often, and couldn’t remember frequently repeated words. Now she sometimes reads a whole book in one sitting and always volunteers to read in school.

When Christopher started vision therapy he was withdrawn, seeing blurry, skipping words, reversing letters, unable to concentrate or follow directions, and sad that he could never make the soccer team. After one wonderful year every symptom has disappeared! He reads fluently and is a confident and happy A student. "Thank you for giving my son’s childhood back to him to enjoy," said his mom, who enclosed a picture of a smiling Christopher in his school soccer uniform.

Above are three of hundreds of Success Stories from the practice of Martin H. Birnbaum, O.D., who passed away in June. DDR honors this well loved and respected Behavioral Optometrist with this adaptation of his presentation at the 1998 Skeffington Symposium:

Editor’s note: Success Stories are adaptable to all discipline. Raising our awareness of success and achievement can create a happy buzz in any home, school or professional setting. Keep track of your own good work, try out your own version of Success Stories! Croisant Transcripts of the annual Skeffington Symposium are available from OEP: call 800-424-8070 or visit

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 7, Number 4 - Summer, 2002]

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