What to Do about Vaccine Damage

by Kelly Dorfman, MS, co-founder of DDR

Suspected vaccine damage presents two problems. First, it is often hard to know with certainty that vaccines are the culprit. Rarely is the injury visible overnight and, without an immediate cause/ effect, physicians are loath to agree with suspicious parents that a child was damaged. Second, even if vaccines caused a problem, no agreed-upon course of action exists.

The most popular medical response to symptoms that might be from immunization damage is the use of prednisone or anti-seizure drugs. Prednisone, a steroid drug, shuts down the malfunctioning or over-active immune system. It is used to treat a large range of immune problems, such as severe allergic reactions, with the hope that when it is discontinued, the immune system will remain calm. Anti-seizure drugs treat the brain-wave abnormalities that can appear after viral or bacteria injury to the brain.

Both types of drugs have extensive side effects but are the most common treatment for immune system dysfunction. The advantage of these drugs is they allow doctors to treat the symptoms of injury, without understanding the cause. This is also their great disadvantage. Thus, we have only ideas and theories about what to do if vaccine damage is suspected. Some experimental treatments are listed below.

Gentlest Experimental Treatments

Homeopathy: Practitioners of this branch of natural medicine have developed a system to immunize the child against the immunization. Homeopathy utilizes non-detectable amounts of the actual dangerous substance to deactivate the problem. For example, homeopathic DPT may be part of a treatment regime for a DPT reaction.

The Gluten-free/Casein-free Diet: By eliminating the complex proteins of gluten and casein, thereby reducing pressure on the immune system and the gut, some children have recovered from vaccine- induced regressions.

Gut Repair: "Autistic enterocolitis" (coined by Dr. Andrew Wakefield) may be a form of measles vaccine injury. Measles virus may cause brain and/or bowel injury in susceptible individuals. Extra nutrients, good bacteria, healthy diet and other digestion enhancers (see "The Leaky Gut"), provide healing factors for gut repair.

Intensive Nutritional Supplementation: Nutrients that are thought to cross the brain/blood barrier are given in large enough amounts to encourage and aid in brain tissue healing.

More Intensive Experimental Treatments:

Gamma-globulin infusions: These work like a transplant for an overwhelmed immune system.

Transfer Factor: This is a more specific immune system enhancer designed to correct an individual child‘s specific injury. Not to be confused with new transfer factor supplements available over the counter. Widely available transfer factor is, generally, concentrated colostrum.

Secretin: This substance may heal the gut lining quickly when used with the gluten-free, casein-free diet and supplements. Also has receptor sites in the brain that, when activated, appear to increase language. May be one way to approach Wakefield‘s autistic enterocolitis.

Concerned parents who are experimenting with alternative treatments for their vaccine-damaged children are pioneers in unexplored territory. Although sometimes criticized by relatives and medical professionals, they deserve our heartfelt appreciation.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 6, Number 1 - Summer, 2000

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