More About Water

by Wendy Gordon

"How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is Ocean." Arthur C. Clarke

*Do You Know These Water Facts?

Types of Bottled Water

All bottled water is not created equal. Just because water has been put in a bottle does not guarantee its purity. It is regulated no more strictly than municipal water - and about 25% of bottled water comes straight out of the tap! The other 75% may be one of the water types defined below.

The container itself must also be considered. Reusable five-gallon plastic jugs may leach dangerous chemicals. Glass bottles are the safest.

*From information on the Internet, including "Dehydration Handout," by Thomas Stearns Lee, N.MD.

[Initially published in New Developments: Volume 4, Number 4 - Spring, 1999]

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